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Frequently Asked Questions

What advice do you have for the bride?


  • Keep your wedding party and guest list as small as possible.  The smaller your wedding party and guest list, the less drama your wedding will potential to have.  I always suggest planning a wedding that is small but elegant and high in style and detail.  This is always a good recipe for the best possible experience.  


  • Put your money towards BIG things and don’t worry about all of the little things.  To save money, focus on two or three main focal points for the wedding and do simple décor everywhere else.  A ton of money can be wasted on favors, napkins and monogrammed t-shirts for the wedding party.  Focus on decorating the wedding arch, having a fabulous backdrop, or an elegantly draped cake table and head table for the wedding party.  Those are the things guests will really notice and remember.  


  • Don’t assume that because you spend a lot of money you will have a better experience.  Spend your money wisely and on things that really matter to you. 


  • Don’t try to make your wedding something that you can’t afford.  If you can’t afford a full meal, go with a simple brunch, or an elaborate dessert and coffee bar.  It’s never worthwhile to spend a lot of your budget to supply a lavish banquet for a lot of people unless you can really afford it. 

  • Do not feel like you need to provide a full bar.  Brides will spend thousands of dollars on an open bar which almost always results in guests drinking to excess.  It's perfectly acceptable to host a limited amount of beer and wine.  Some of our most exclusive events have no alcohol at all for various reasons. 

  • Leave a little extra time after the wedding before leaving for your honeymoon. You may want to spend time with loved ones and out-of-town guests, or just relaxing the day following your wedding instead of jet-setting just yet. 

  Yes, we are happy to discuss this with you and provide you with more information.
The fee for this service is  for $200.

Can I pick your brain about planning my wedding?  I just need to know who the best vendors are and where to have my wedding?

Yes, we will provide a 2D and 3D to-scale schematic.
The fee for this service is $200.

Can I have you make a computer layout/schematic for my wedding and/or reception so I know how many guests my venue will accommodate? 

Yes, Kimberly is happy to talk with people interested in a career in wedding and event planning, as her schedule allows. Her recommendations are to start with earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communication or Hospitality. And any experience that you can gain with a caterer and a florist would be very helpful. Beyond that, there are many reputable online courses available today for further training and knowledge and certifications in the field.     

Can I get your thoughts about wedding planning as a career?

Yes, from time-to-time internships are offered.  We usually have one or two wedding interns at any given time.


Kimberly also offers a formal, year-long Event Planning Internship through the Leadership Program that she facilitates for The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County.  Only one internship position is offered per year and it’s specifically for a college or graduate student.  The internship runs during the school year from September to May.  Please email Kimberly if you’d like a description of the internship program, and she will send you more information. 

Do you offer internships and/or training? 
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